For a while now, I have been posting my montly menus on Facebook. Well, I decided to create a blog so that more people will have the opportunity to check in and hopefully be inspired. As for the name of the blog, Sherri's Sanity, that is what montly menu planning is for me; my sanity. With 3 young kids, I do NOT have the patience for the clock to turn 5 and have no plan for dinner, it just adds to the craziness to the "witching hours" (those insane hours at the end of the day where we, moms, try to jam-pack 4 hours worth of stuff into 2) I HATE the hours of 5pm-8pm. BUT I have found that in my (almost) year of planning monthly menus, I have been so much less of a headcase during that time. When mom is happier, hubby and kids are happier. AND their tummies will be filled with yummy homemade food; even better!!Now, this blog will definitely take time to put together. Once again, I am a mother of 3 small kids and although I wish I could just sit down and crack it all out, that just isnt going to happen. So, check back often and I will try and keep things rolling. :) Another thing that fills my bucket, so to speak, is crafting! So I'm sure that will come along on the blog shortly too. Happy planning!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm baaaack!! (and Jan/Feb menus)

Well, for those who don't know me personally, I apologize for being MIA for such a long time; I found out in Aug that I'm pregnant and I have been sick, sick, sick. From Aug to Dec with pregnancy sickness and then for a whole month with pneumonia. But I have my January and February menu for you! Just don't count on anything regular with a new baby coming ;) Sorry, it's the truth.

Pork Sandwiches with Cilantro Lime Slaw (I use slaw mix)
Asian BBQ Chicken with Cilantro Lime Pineapple Rice
Steaks and creamy mashed potatoes
Chicken Spaghetti (this made 2 batches for my family so I froze one)
Broiled fish and Barley and Asparagus
Homemade Pizzas
White Chili (I'll have to post my recipe soon!)
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Pesto Wraps (this time I just threw some chicken breasts in the crockpot in the am, then shredded and added pesto before serving!)
White Chicken and rice (another one I need to post)
Tortellini Soup (I threw everything in the crockpot with some frozen tortellini, cooked on low for about 5 hours, YUM)
Cube Steak Sandwiches
Cheeseburger Salads (I use ground turkey and double the sauce, also for the croutons I melt the butter and toss with the buns, then bake at 350, turning every 8 min or so until golden brown..this is easier for me)
Butternut Squash Soup and Homemade Croutons (I omit celery and use 1 tsp celery salt, bake my squash instead of peeling {pain!} and top with sour cream and Sriracha {a must!!} make croutons, LOTS of croutons!)
Pot Roast
Chicken Cordon Blue (this is a diff recipe than I normally use and we LOVED it!! KEEPER!!)
Meatball Sandwiches (half this recipe, I use ground turkey so use less breadcrumbs or they'll be dry, bake as directed and serve on crusty rolls with cheese, olives and whatever else you like)
Peach Whiskey BBQ Chicken and Mashed Potatoes (I use 3/4 C whiskey, 16 oz BBQ and 2/3 jar peach jam)
Thai Coconut Curry Noodles (I add chicken)
Chocolate Chili
Beef with Mushroom Sauce (roast with 1 pkg onion soup mix, 2 cans cream of mush-in the crockpot, serve over rice)
Fish Tacos
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chicken Rolls
Tortellina Pasta Salad (I omit tomatoes and add red bell pepper. I also add spinach)
Sweet Pork Salads
Stuffed Pistolettes
Ham steaks and funeral potatoes
Ginger Steak Salads
French Dip Sandwiches

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