For a while now, I have been posting my montly menus on Facebook. Well, I decided to create a blog so that more people will have the opportunity to check in and hopefully be inspired. As for the name of the blog, Sherri's Sanity, that is what montly menu planning is for me; my sanity. With 3 young kids, I do NOT have the patience for the clock to turn 5 and have no plan for dinner, it just adds to the craziness to the "witching hours" (those insane hours at the end of the day where we, moms, try to jam-pack 4 hours worth of stuff into 2) I HATE the hours of 5pm-8pm. BUT I have found that in my (almost) year of planning monthly menus, I have been so much less of a headcase during that time. When mom is happier, hubby and kids are happier. AND their tummies will be filled with yummy homemade food; even better!!Now, this blog will definitely take time to put together. Once again, I am a mother of 3 small kids and although I wish I could just sit down and crack it all out, that just isnt going to happen. So, check back often and I will try and keep things rolling. :) Another thing that fills my bucket, so to speak, is crafting! So I'm sure that will come along on the blog shortly too. Happy planning!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chicken Rolls

If you're new to the blog, WELCOME!  You can read about how I meal plan here.

I love this recipe! My mom would make these growing up, but not too frequently because they are a bit of work.  Very worth it, I think.  This recipe is one of my freezer meal recipes since it feeds my family of 5 twice. I don't have a go-to recipe for the chicken gravy you'll want to serve these with; I just make it by taste. So, you might want to google it or there's probably a recipe right on a can of broth. I boil my chicken, so I use that broth, plus some boullion...These are also great with mashed potatoes and steamed green veggies.

Mix together:
6 oz softened cream cheese with chives (if using plain cream cheese add 2 tsp dried chives)
1 cube softened butter or margarine
1 small can mushrooms
2 1/2 C cooked, cubed chicken breasts (about 2 large or 3 small breasts)

Mix together:
3/4 bag Mrs. Cubbisons Classic Seasoned Dressing (by the Stove Top at the grocery store)
1 tsp poultry seasoning
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
enough water to dampen (about 3 Tbs) but not soggy!

Melt 1 cube of butter or margarine in a bowl and the additional Dressing (stuffing)(you might want to crush it a little bit) in another bowl, set aside.

Lay out the rolls from one can of original canned crescent rolls (you will do this twice, so you need 2 cans) and stretch/flatten the wide end slightly.

Add a scoop of the chicken mixture (I use my cookie scoop) and then a scoop of the damp Dressing mixture to the wide end of each roll...like this
 Fold over the edges on the wide end
 Then wrap the "tail" end up and around...like this
Dip the tops of each roll into melted butter and then the dry Dressing. Place on a cookie sheet.
Bake at 350* for aobut 20 min, or until golden brown. Serve with chicken gravy.

**UPDATE 11/18/12: Made this recipe as a casserole and it was SO much faster!! Next time I'll bake on lower rack since it was a TAD undercooked in spots on bottom. You'll assemble like this:
6 rolls on bottom of a 9x13 pan, poke with a fork a bunch of times, add half moistened stuffing, chicken mixture, rest of stuffing, 6 rolls on top, brushed w butter and dry dressing on top. Bake on a lower rack @350 for 25-30 min, until golden brown.

**OK, I am completely aware of how terrible my pics are. I look at other blogs and they have their food pics staged SO nicely. And then there's my nasty cookie sheets...Well, this is REAL life in my house. I have nasty cookie sheets. And to be honest I don't have time, in the middle of cooking dinner, to break out the fancy dishes and throw together a crafty backdrop. When I take a pic it's completely inconvenient and all I'm really thinking about is not getting my gooey fingers all over my expensive camera, then it's onto the next step of cooking...or feeding my hungry clan. So, I'm sorry if you are looking for lovely food photos, you won't find them here. I'm not about the business of fancying things up, I have an agenda. And I hope that's ok :)

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