For a while now, I have been posting my montly menus on Facebook. Well, I decided to create a blog so that more people will have the opportunity to check in and hopefully be inspired. As for the name of the blog, Sherri's Sanity, that is what montly menu planning is for me; my sanity. With 3 young kids, I do NOT have the patience for the clock to turn 5 and have no plan for dinner, it just adds to the craziness to the "witching hours" (those insane hours at the end of the day where we, moms, try to jam-pack 4 hours worth of stuff into 2) I HATE the hours of 5pm-8pm. BUT I have found that in my (almost) year of planning monthly menus, I have been so much less of a headcase during that time. When mom is happier, hubby and kids are happier. AND their tummies will be filled with yummy homemade food; even better!!Now, this blog will definitely take time to put together. Once again, I am a mother of 3 small kids and although I wish I could just sit down and crack it all out, that just isnt going to happen. So, check back often and I will try and keep things rolling. :) Another thing that fills my bucket, so to speak, is crafting! So I'm sure that will come along on the blog shortly too. Happy planning!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Squeegee and a dust pan

As I grabbed a ceramic bowl for my son's ravioli this afternoon I had the thought to just get a paper plate.  But I had already grabbed the bowl, so bowl it was. 5 minutes later, bowl and ravioli came crashing off the counter. Trying to look at the bright side of things, and not kick myself for not grabbing that paper plate, I used it as an opportunity to share one of my very favorite tricks! Anytime I have a mess like this I go straight to my shower and grab my squeegee. Then, it's straight to the pantry for the dustpan.

Taadaa!  Shards of ceramic bowl and all!  I hope this comes in handy for you someday! You'll save lots of paper towels :)

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  1. That is brilliant! Now I just need a squeegee! Thanks!